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Course facilitator is Ben Krakowsky, Property Master on recent shows such as Coffee and Kareem, Good Boys, Take Two and Lucifer.


Art Parts Film Services

5025 Still Creek Ave, Burnaby


$70 +Tax 

Tickets are non-refundable and will not be available at the door. 

Materials provided:

Sample rental agreement, Sample rental invoice, Sample Script, Petty Cash template, PO template.

Objectives Met:

  • Attendees of this course should understand and be able to properly fill out the required paperwork to keep organized cash records, receipts, and invoices.

  • Attendees of this course should have ideas on how to best manage their time on the road while visiting vendors and maintaining professional vendor relations.

  • Attendees of this course should be able to recognize brand vs non-brand products and understand the basics of greeking items for film.

  • Attendees of this course can understand how to read a script and prepare themselves for potential prop requests that are appropriate for the production’s scene in question.


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