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The ABCs of Medical Properties

This video course covers ventilation, IV therapies, defibrillators, and patient monitor uses.

  • Pre-recorded Video Course

  • Online 

Service Description


Katherine Kadler BAScN practiced Nursing for 20 years specializing in Operating Room services. She later expanded her practice to become a Clinical Educator at several Vancouver Facilities. Her early practice years also took her to Northern Canada where she and her nursing colleagues ran an Outpost Nursing Station for a First Nations Community providing primary and emergent care to infants, children, families and the elderly. Experience with being in front of the camera first started with educational videos, TV interviews and taped work conferences in her nursing practice. Acting in film followed with the addition of interest in the Property, Set Decorating, Script Supervising & First Aid departments. After exposure to multiple medical scenes within the film world, she combined her skill sets to specialize as a Medical Consultant and Technician. Katherine recently completed certification with the Intimacy Professionals Association based in Los Angeles, California under the direction of Amanda Blumenthal. She is expanding her film work to include the role of Intimacy Coordinator as of Fall 2020.



This course is not eligible for union educational reimbursement.


Learning Objectives:

This course is designed to educate film crews on the proper equipment needed, their uses and the safety procedures for setting up realistic and film friendly medical procedures on screen.


Topics discussed in this workshop include:

  • IV basics - pole, pump, solutions/ piggyback solutions, tubings, insertion sites, insertion types (cannula vs butterfly), taping, drops on camera

  • Heart monitors with accessories - cables, electrodes, cuffs, finger probes

  • Oxygen therapy - wall hook up/ canister hook up, gauges, masks/ nasal cannula, use of ambu bag for EMT situation/ hospital code blue

  • Ventilator hook up - machine accessories, hoses, endotracheal tubes, endotracheal tube holders

  • Defibrillators - paddle placement, use of defib pads, action moments


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