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Quality Vinyl Sticker Services for Every Need!

Rain City Props specializes in custom stickers for businesses of all sizes. We understand that small businesses often have limited budgets, but still need their branding to look professional and eye-catching. That's why we offer movie-quality stickers for small business budgets.

We offer custom stickers and labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Choose from circle, square, rectangle and rounded edge stickers with a satin or gloss finish. Select the quantity that best fits your project, from small orders of 10 to bulk orders of 500.

Quality is the name of the game

Our team is passionate about providing our customers with the best quality stickers and prints. We use the highest quality materials and the most advanced printing processes to ensure that our stickers are highly durable, weather proof and resistant to fading.


Our stickers are kiss cut shapes and sizes to ensure that you get the exact sticker you desire. 

Promote your business or brand

Stickers are the perfect way to promote any message and show off your creativity. With our wide range of high-quality stickers, you can decorate windows, car bumpers, laptop covers, water bottles, notebooks, festival and camping gear - anything you want!


Let us help you create something special and promote your brand, music event, pop up clothing shop, club, team, or department at work. Our unique stickers will make sure your message stands out!


Need Custom Labels?

Turn your product into an eye-catching, stand-out item with your creatively customizable labels. Our printers produce an extensive range of unique shapes, sizes and vibrant colors, ensuring that your product will make an impact and attract more eyes.


Looking to go "All Out"?

We actually do much more than just stickers and labels. We can work with you to create a full box of custom branded shirts, mugs, totes and of course stickers too!

Contact us to request information on our

Creative Promo Packages

Transfer Stickers that POP!

Our Transfer Stickers are perfect for more complicated designs. They are perfect for your business window or on your vehicle, made with the highest quality material that is weather resistant. Our Transfer Stickers are a great way to get your message across and will last for years to come. Their strong adhesive ensures they stay put no matter what the weather throws at them. With our Transfer Stickers, you can make a lasting impression with your custom designs.


Contact us to request information on our

Transfer Stickers.

  • What is a kiss cut sticker?
    Kiss cut stickers are custom-shape stickers with a rectangular, peel-away backing. The backing protects delicate designs and gives printable space for more information about the artist or company. The peeled sticker for die cut and kiss cut stickers is exactly the same. The only difference is that kiss cut stickers have a larger square backing to peel from that can be printed on and protects the stickers. Die cut stickers are cut to the exact shape of the design.
  • How do I setup my artwork for full bleed printing?
    Specify you want full bleed printing when uploading artwork and if possible, we'll make sure your design is printed to the edge of the sticker, without a white border. It's not necessary to set up the bleed on your own, but if you'd like to help us out leave a 1/8" bleed surrounding the cut line. Full bleed printing is when your printing extends to the edge of the sticker. There's no extra charge for full bleed sticker printing. Additionally, you can always request changes to a proof and ask for the white border to be added, made thinner or removed. However, it's important to note that, not all artwork can be printed full bleed.
  • What file formats do you accept?
    While we accept all standard artwork formats, we recommend uploading vector artwork when possible. Otherwise we recommend that your artwork be at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI).
  • How can I find the PPI of my artwork?
    PPI stands for "pixels per inch" and represents the resolution of your artwork.Your artwork should be at least 300 PPI at the size you need. To find out the largest you could print your sticker you take the dimensions and divide by 300. For example: if your image dimensions are 1200 x 600 you divide the 1200 by 300 = 4 inches and 600 by 300 = 2 inches. So the largest that your sticker should be printed at is 4x2. Mac Open your image in Preview. Up at the top, click "Tools" > "Adjust Size" Uncheck the box labeled "Resample Image" Next, using inches, change the size of your artwork to your desired print size. The resolution should be at least 300 pixels per inch. PC Right-click on the image file; then select "Properties." Click on the tab "Details" in the image properties window. Note the image dimensions such as 1200 x 600. Your PPI should be at least 300 for your artwork to be sufficient quality for printing. If your image is at a lower resolution, it will not help to increase the pixels/inch or enlarge the image. This will only stretch the image to a larger size and it will still print fuzzy and pixelated. In that case, we recommend contacting the original designer to get a better version of your artwork.
  • How do I indicate a cut line in my artwork?
    We will create a cut line for you and show how we intend to cut your custom stickers by providing an online proof. You can request changes to your proof until it looks exactly how you want.If you'd like to indicate the cut line yourself, we recommend using a vector based stroke. It's helpful if you do this but not required.
  • Do I need to outline my fonts?
    If your artwork is in vector format, it's important to outline your fonts.
  • How do I order stickers without a white border?
    If you leave instructions for us to print "full bleed" when uploading artwork then we will prepare an online proof without the border if possible (certain images). Additionally, you can always request changes to a proof and ask for the white border to be added or removed.
  • Is there a minimum thickness for a white border around my stickers?
    The minimum it can be is 1.59 mm and the default thickness is 2.54 mm. However, the border is not required so if you prefer full bleed printing that's doable too. Let us know your preference in the instructions.
  • How can I provide optimal transfer sticker artwork?
    Transfer stickers are precisely cut from vinyl material. We use the lines, referred to as paths, in your vector artwork to determine where the material is cut. Irregularities in these paths can cause problems with how the material is cut and the final product. Our art and production teams look for these irregularities during the process. Your design will be precisely cut from vinyl material, so it should be 1 color. Vector artwork is preferred. The solid parts of your design represent parts of the sticker. To ensure all parts will be preserved, be sure that you can fit a 2 mm circle within the object. In other words the thinnest lines in the art should be no less than 2mm. When designing your transfer sticker, there are a few simple guidelines to ensure the best possible quality. Try to avoid these common mistakes: Double point When two points and their Bézier curves overlap each other, creating an overlapping path. Remove the overlapping path and smooth out. Burs Typically unwanted and overlooked, burs are misplaced points that can create a rough edge in the final cut. Inspect your artwork closely and remove any as needed. Stray points and objects Remove all stray points and objects. If not removed, they would be considered part of your design and cut out of the vinyl. Layered paths All paths become cutlines for the sticker material. To avoid overlapping cutlines, it's important to merge layered paths in your finished design.
  • What are your letter size and font requirements for transfer stickers?
    Transfer stickers are perfect for custom lettering and typography. However, depending on size of the font and overall size of the sticker, there are a few artwork requirements to ensure quality and legibility. Meeting these requirements before you upload your design ensures we can deliver a faster turnaround and produce your transfer sticker. In order for your lettering to be custom cut, the solid parts should be at least 2 mm thick. You should be able to fit a 2 mm circle within the thinnest parts of the letters.
  • What are your Artwork Specifications for die cut stickers?
    Below are some of the specifications that will help you in placing an order for Kiss Cut Stickers. Print sizes Minimum print size: 25 mm x 25 mm Maximum print size: 914 mm x 610 mm Resolution requirements Vector files or images with at least 300 ppi Acceptable file formats Vector types: Illustrator, PDF, EPS, SVG, Raster types: PNG, JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, PSD, PDF Border requirements (minimum and standard size) Minimum size: 2.54 mm (1/10" or 0.1") Standard size: 2.54 mm (1/10" or 0.1") Depending on the artwork, full bleed is possible upon request Bleed requirements 1.59 mm (1/16” or 0.0625") bleed surrounding the cut line Cut line requirements We recommend indicating your cut lines with a 0.5 - 1pt magenta stroke. This does not need to be on a separate layer or named "cut line". Color requirements To ensure the closest match to your desired color for print, we recommend CMYK.

Most Common FAQs

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